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We created a Child Care Services Custom Software Development system for tracking meals, attendance, nutrition and billing, with automated government reporting for 300 Texas counties.

The project was HIPAA compliant, with electronic digital signature signing (custom approach) for monthly government filings.  This was a mid-size project (6 figures).  The project is now in maintenance mode.

Charles Flowers, CEO of CCSG stated:

“In February 2014, we started working with Campbell Software, replacing our existing contracted development team due to vast shortcomings.  Gary’s team immediately addressed the previous group’s short comings, over-promises and failures.

Campbell Software improved progress visibility, provided detailed work logs per developer, provided staging and beta sites, code repository and an online project portal.  

In comparison to the previous company, Campbell Software has completed tasks faster for a lower overall cost.  But most importantly, their code is resilient, secure and performance driven.  

To summarize the 8000+ hours of development Campbell Software has provided to date, they have addressed performance issues and eliminated bugs inherited from the previous team.  They have completed 86 sprints and 2 production releases.

We are now working on our 3rd production release.  They are also hosting our production servers at a cost lower than Amazon.  What impresses me is that they seek to find lower cost approaches to accomplish the same task (one task in particular eliminated a $5000 expense per year).  Yet another involved a database trigger approach that eliminated hundreds of hours of complex development and a huge amount of QA.”

Gary, Charles, Rachit and other primaries worked closely together for years on this project.  One person (Sandy) requires special mention as she provided rock solid requirements and follow through, she was a key person (employed by CCSG) to make this project a success.