Custom Designed Education Projects

Scratch build of a Learning Management System (LMS) supporting many roles (System Admin, EDU admin, Academic Officers, Course Instructors, Students, Graduates, Marketing Manager, Marketing Staff, Technical Support, Admissions Manager, Admissions Staff, Student Services Manager, Student Services staff, Authoring Role, HR Manager, HR Staff, Finance Manager, Finance Staff and custom roles.  Included Silverlight transcription component with advanced audio transcription features such as play speed and content formatting rules.  Also complex quizzes, lesson tests, chapter tests, with weighted grading, supporting many unique types of questions (usual types plus crosswords, find a word, non-exact match, etc).  Solution eliminated $2000 of royalties per student, enabling the college to offer a better course for less.  This was a mid-size project (6 figures).  Whitepaper available.

Subcontracted to work on Amazon’s AWS gold certification programming verification course for developers.  Included course content, documentation and course programming examples in both Java and C#.  We cannot provide further details due to NDA.