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Campbell Custom Software Development designed and developed a complete HIPAA compliant medical portal doctors & patients and associated medical records system.  This project had a $300,000 project, we had 12 people working on this from concept, requirements definition collection, formalization of requirements, accept, development, project deliverable approval, production release and post production verification.  The project complexities involved compliance rules which varied per State.  For example, in a certain state, an audit record was required for 1 year, where as another state, the requirement was 3 years.  Or in one state, drug prescriptions per patient required insurance historical documentation, whereas other states do not.  As well, HIPPA security compliance required offsite backups and specific requirements for data retention which differed from other States in the USA.  Campbell Custom Software developed a selection of compliance rules that each portal (per state) must adhere to, ensuring that each State portal legally adhered to the rules of law.

We created a Medical Portal POC (proof of concept) for a Fertility clinic.  This project required protection against bot logins, bot logon attempt notification to users, automatic routing to never-never land when a bot attacked, user management, profile management, services content management and more.  Privacy of content and exposure was a primary concern due to the domain focus of the project.

We created a Medical Image data processing system (POC) for a hand held medical device used by a general practitioner that scans heart chambers and vales to identify heart disease.  This was a small POC project focusing on advanced image recognition technology. This project was unique in that the system could be populated with medial images related to different diseases and health conditions.  Using AI and advanced image recognition, we could identify health issues that could previously NOT be discovered until a surgeon cut you open.