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POC iOS application intended for the US Chamber of Commerce, to automate visitor data collection with data consolidation across cities, regions and states.  This app eliminated the manual conversion of collecting hand written data and manually merging spreadsheets across regions, states and the country, with data being instantly consolidated across the nation.  This was a small project (5 figures).

A “No logon required” free social media mobile app to take pictures of public event posters (or marketing content) which were assigned categories, tagged with event name, location, dates, etc.  GEO lookups via US postal codes or GPS meta data within the image provided regional radius searching.  This allowed region visitors or tourists to instantly find activities of interest in their area via with keyword and category filtering (Night Life, Over 21, Family, Dining, etc.)  Monetization aspects included Ticket Master and poster advertisers).  A web portal provided back-end administration for event submission approvals.  This was a small project (5 figures).

Mobile Program Writer:  Subscription based automated mobile app generator for iOS, Android and Windows phones, eliminating the need to custom develop apps for major types of software products across all special interest categories.  Using a web portal, the subscriber selects App type, selects a theme style, custom branding, then defines or uploads content.  Then the three types of apps (iOS, Android and WinPhone) are generated (no programming required).  Think of this as an application that creates applications to be distributed on Google Play, the iStore and Windows store.  This was a small project.

Organize the unorganized local commerce market by providing the existing supply chain with mobile technology with auto-discovery of retailers, products and services, enabling direct interaction between the consumer & retailer, and facilitating the e-commerce process.  This was a small project (5 figures).

See Oil & Gas regarding a VERY large Field Data Collection project using an iPad).