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Campbell Custom Software Development has been involved with over 2 million dollars of custom Oil & Gas software development projects.  We created an advanced Oil & Gas field data collection system.  For this project, we were subcontracted by Enertia, a leading Oil & Gas focused solution provided.  Enertia contracted us due to our mobility technology experience and Oil & Gas development experience.  Enertia’s challenge was that to collect Oil and Gas data measurements from different equipment at each site, they previously created a custom application per site.  Imagine having to develop 1000’s of custom applications, each of which is specific to a certain field site.  The time lag to deliver a solution per field data collection site was not well received by their clients.  As such, Campbell Software provided a RESPONSIVE mobile application where a business specialist simply configured the hardware options per field data collection site.  Then, the mobility software would DYNAMICALLY adhere to the field data collection site definitions.  Within a few minutes, rather than months of effort to create a custom application, our system would self adjust and support the data collection process, per site.

The custom oil & gas software development project also managed other aspects, such as scheduling Oil & Gas field data collection operators for routes, route stops, collection points for tank inventory, well status, casing and tubing pressure, seals, downtime, water meters with automated sync to head office.  This is probably the worlds most advanced product of its type and it drastically reduced field data collection costs for oil companies.  As well, it eliminated months of delays (and programming costs) that were previously required. This was a large project (7 figures).  References available.

For numerous oil & gas companies, we have also provided custom programming to improve business process flow, verification processes and reporting.