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We have been involved with many custom website projects and web based applications (at least 100).

There was a time when much of our work involved creating general websites.  However, due to the advancements in website template offerings such as WordPress (our website is a theme based WordPress template), it no longer makes sense to spend thousands on a general website (when you can purchase a fantastic template for $50) and leverage specific plugins free.

Campbell Software also has experience with at least 50 complex web applications.  By complex, we mean commercial business complex custom software web applications.

General features of a web application include roles (types of users) which are assigned to a web user and protection against automated bot attacks which include immediate notification of failed logins and temporary connection restrictions when con-current login attempts fail (attacks).  By complex, we mean load balanced web applications which can support hundreds of thousands of simultaneous user requests per minute.  By complex, we mean fail safe, redundant systems.

Custom web applications usually require a console which can be configured per role or per user.  Custom reports, custom databases, API integrations and custom data processing are common for web applications.

To best describe web application projects we have been involved with, think of the features that Sales Force or LinkedIn or Dropbox provides.   Campbell Software has the ability to create custom web application products like these.