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For 300 Wendy’s franchises, Campbell software, contracted to 2020 ITS provided modules to collect data from separate franchises in Canada, pre-process the data to a common format, and push the structured data to the Canadian head office.  This was a a challenging hospitality software development project in that franchises used many completely different POS systems.  As such, PLU menu item numbers, names, even pricing varied, as did regional specials and promotions.  Gary wrote a module to translate the hospitality Point of Sale data to a common format, based upon his past experience integrating 40 different POS systems to a common back office.

Gary also developed a complex EDI ordering system, integrating to a major Ontario based food supplier with distribution branches located across Canada.  By leveraging his past experience with perpetual inventory and recipe costing, the system could generate orders to the supplier leveraging “just in time” ordering.  This functionality saved management many hours of effort per week, as manually determining what and how much to order, and telephoning in the orders is time consuming.  A Labor scheduling module was also developed, automating and labor costing shifts based upon projected sales.

Also for a Wendy’s Franchise, Gary and his team performed an in-depth cost analysis (onsite weighing and measuring ingredients) with recipe confirmation of Wendy’s entire line of food and beverage products resulting in nation price change corrections across the chain.  While this effort was not as much hospitality software development related, the extremely detail oriented data collected provided an accurate costing analysis.