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The largest custom insurance software development project we participated in was a national based (entire USA) project providing all public school district employees with insurance.

This provided encapsulated ALL major insurance providers.  The project had an immense amount of regulatory and union rules.  It covered renewals, coverage changes which varied per insurance provider each year, enrollment processes and filing deadlines.

The requirements document was comprised of 130 pages, highly detailed and professional detailed.  The project origin was to a professional software development firm who won a formal federal RFP contract.

When Campbell Custom Software Development was contacted, our client (a professional software development company) was behind schedule.  They had already missed to critical milestone drop dates.

Once contracted, Campbell Software vamped up the team, we divided the project into teams of developers to focus on specific technology layers and related functionalities as the requirements were complicated.  Within 2 months, working longer days and weekends, we developed hundreds of thousands of lines of code and got the project back on track.  In essence, we saved the project from a drastic fail.  Rachit (Campbell Custom Software Development VP) was incredible, his digestment of the requirement details was amazing.  Rachit visualized the layer requirements, the technical requirements and created teams to focus on pieces of the business retirements, as it is best to force focus due to the complex aspects of many technical projects within the overall business requirements of this project.  This turned out to be a wise decision that our client under-estimated.

This was a mid-size project (6 figures), we worked long days and weekends to save this project.