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Michele Boyd - COBOL Expert at Campbell Custom Software Development

COBOL Software Development Expert

Michele is unique in that there’s not many women who have embraced software development for the past 20 years.  Michele has held positions as a COBOL developer, programming manager, project manager and IT manager for large corporations employing 500 to 20,000 people.

Michele is a past president of her local IT association (Society for Information Management) comprised of Fortune 500 companies, government services, public health care, banking institutions and other large institutions and organizations.  Michele’s IT experience with large corporations helps guide and ensure Campbell Software is correctly positioned to serve the F1000 market.

Michele is an expert with legacy technology.  She is one of a very few people that can assist extremely large organizations to transition from COBOL to current technology.  Michele’s experience is critical for projects that require legacy knowledge, she is one possibly a few hard-core COBOL developers in the USA that can assist banks and large corporations to move forward with current technology.  Also, Campbell Software clients ALWAYS comment how wonderful she is to work with.