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Bill Bradley (VP at Campbell Custom Software Development) has performed over 1000 hospitality and retail POS (point of sale) integrations, configurations, customizations and installations throughout the US and Canada.  Gary Campbell, founder of Campbell Software, has performed 20 installations at night clubs, restaurants and hotels.

Gary Campbell has integrated back of the house management process with over 40 different POS products (all major brands such as Squirrel, Remanco, NCR, Tec, Panasonic, Casio, RMS, Aloha, etc).  From labor projected cost scheduling, food costing, liquor costing, perpetual inventory and variance reporting (food and liquor), accounting integration, payroll integration, caschout integration (server based, cashier based and blind cash-outs), Campbell Software understands the challenges of he hospitality industry.

Gary Campbell built an entire custom back of the house system for Comtrex cash register system, for all end of day reports, cash-outs & deposits, integrated with perpetual inventory, theoretical sales mix cost analysis and more.  This was a mid-size project (6 figures).

Gary has also worked closely with Squirrel, Remanco, Micros and other major point of sale systems to integrate advanced back-of-the-house management.

Being previously involved (prior to his transition as a Chef and Hotel consultant to software development), Gary understands the the challenges of the hospitality industry.  Gary understands the reality to eliminate and simplify processes as a hospitality industry career requires long hours.  As well as most career professionals in the hospitality industry lack a business degree.  By providing real word solutions to business challenges which eliminate effort and time to report and identify concerns, Gary has provided real world solutions to lead management to correct the issue by maximizing efficiency to reduce costs.