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Rachit Agarwal - VP of Development at Campbell Custom Software Development

Microsoft .NET Software Development Expert

Rachit Agarwal holds an Engineering degree (IIT-Delhi) and numerous professional certifications such as MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) and MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer).

Rachit has an extensive track record in managing, architecting, designing, implementing and delivering large scale custom software business projects. Gary and Rachit have been working together for over 7 years.  Each and every day, and many days on weekends, Gary and Rachit focus on managing the development team, with Rachit overseeing, managing and VERIFYING our developers stay on track.

Rachit Agarwal is also responsible for our continuous education mandate.  Software advances are difficult to keep pace with.  Rachit enforces our corporate mandate for weekly education, where developers MUST focus and be educated in technology changes and advancements.  Each week, Rachit manages “Lunch and Learns” and also periodically tests and assesses each developer’s retained knowledge.

Rachit is an expert in Microsoft technologies and leads all engineering and development efforts at Campbell Software.  Being the primary development manager who looks after all of the details, Rachit participates in all project meetings with stakeholders and project managers.