Custom Software Development Team

One of the most important factors when selecting a software developer or a software development team is experience.  5 years of experience? 10 years? 15 years of experience?  By choosing us, we will select the most pertinent people required PER DEVELOPMENT TASK.  This will be a fluid process, when different tasks commence, developers with the most relevant tech stack experience related to the task will be assigned.  You can determine the technologies preferred OR we will suggest technologies that best fits your project.  We will also assign a dedicated domain expert who has industry relevant experience relevant to your project.  And our management team will work with you every step of the way, from fleshing out and confirming the scope and requirements to product release and maintenance phases.  Let Campbell Software become your software development team.

Enterprise Class Software Development Experts

We are different than most custom software development companies.  Campbell Software is a commercial custom software development company.  Our people have deep commercial development experience.  Our infrastructure provides separate development, staging and production environments to ensure the release is verified BEFORE the drop date.  Our development infrastructure provides 6 layers of security, all servers are workstations prohibit personal use.  For private use, we provide a separate DMZ for staff, personal data traffic is completely separate from our corporate network.  We have our own private, secure TFS server, IIS servers, SQL servers, AD server, 3TB SSD storage, 4 1GB lines of bandwidth, 3 separate BGP based backbones and a UPS backed up satellite communication tower.  As well, our systems are backed up nightly (to disk, then to tape and then to our secondary office storage facility).  All of our hardware has UPS and diesel backup power.  We also provide stakeholders with a private, secure project portal, where all agreements, requirements, estimates, quotes, tasks, comments, meetings, QA recordings and progress is tracked, consolidated and accessible online.  We provide this infrastructure at no additional cost.

Below are the primaries at Campbell Software.  Meet your new team of world-renowned Software Development Experts.

Gary Campbell

Custom Software Development Expert

Gary Campbell is unique in his unsurpassed knowledge of custom software development and decades of “real world” business experience.  Few people have deep coding skills plus extensive business and management experience working with companies like TEC, Amazon, Hitachi and Verizon.

His start-ups include an online product used by 4 million users, a massive F10 corporate rollout on thousands of desktops and a nomination as best start-up in British Columbia.  His products have been featured in PC magazine, Frost & Sullivan and IDC publications.

Gary has extensive experience with LMS (Learning Management Systems), Oil & Gas projects, Web Conferencing, Accounting projects (GL/AR/AP/PR), POS integrations, Back-of-the-House control systems, Perpetual Inventory control, EDI Ordering, Legal Billing systems, Advanced Image Recognition, Medical Device servos and Healthcare projects.

For your project, Gary will be highly involved in discussions, meetings and follow through.  Gary will look after the details, as attested by hundreds of technology skill set references and personal recommendations on LinkedIn and the Better Business Bureau website.

Dino Esposito, MVP, .NET Author

Microsoft .NET Software Development Expert

If your company utilizes Microsoft Technology, you already know of Dino Esposito, as one of his books is probably sitting on your bookshelf.  His books such as “Architecting Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise” and “Architecting Microsoft .NET Solutions for the Enterprise” are must reads for the technology industry.

Dino has written some 20+ books on software development. See Dino Esposito’s software development books.  For the past 20 years, Dino’s weekly and monthly articles about software development have been published by Microsoft and many other online services dedicated to advancing software technology.

Dino is a shareholder of Campbell Software.  Gary and Dino work with our higher end corporate F100 clients who need direction relating to .NET and Microsoft technologies.  Dino is our most world renowned expert.  While he is located in Italy and is sometimes busy speaking at Microsoft developer conferences, Dino and Gary are in constant contact.  Dino Esposito is a guy that can provide advice to large clients that is critical to their success.

Cole Thompson, Networks, Systems, Colo Hosting

Certified Network Expert

Cole has extensive knowledge of hardware systems, networks, security and cloud based solutions.  He is an expert with Window server configurations and VM’s.  He is an authorized partner and certified with Microsoft, IBM, CISCO and HP.

Gary and Cole have been working together for 8+ years.  Cole manages Campbell Software’s network, servers and services and works closely with Gary when assessing client hosting needs for dedicated servers, managed hosting and cloud computing services.  From water cooling, bio-metric based security access, BGP routing (4 1GB back-bones), 6 layers of security, commercial IBM and CISCO hardware, fast SSD 3TB storage, UPS and Diesel backup power, with Microsoft DPM, hard-drive, tape and secondary offsite backups, Cole’s services and expertise hosting hundreds of servers for tens of thousands of clients pushes Campbell Custom Software Development in a league of their own.

Cole is a guy who Gary can call at 2 am on the weekend.  For one client, when GoDaddy was experiencing a DNS attack, millions of websites went offline for days.  Within 30 minutes of our system notifying us of the outage, Cole was able to establish an internally hosted secondary DNS over-ride, even though GoDaddy was down.  The net result was that an accredited college, with 600 daily online users were able to use a custom LMS online product as if the attack never occurred.  For millions of other websites and their users, they were down for days.

Gus Emery, Microsoft ASP Insider

Enterprise Class Software Development Expert

Gus Emery is an ASP Insider, a group of internationally recognized ASP.NET insiders, hand picked by Microsoft, helping Microsoft ASP technologies evolve.  Gus is also an expert Enterprise class software development architect.  By knowing how, when and why major technologies are advancing, his guidance helps Enterprise class clients get the most juice from their implementation.

Gus has been involved with business software projects for the Oil & Gas industry, Gus has worked with developers and project managers to oversee technical governance for companies like Target, General Mills, Tech-Pro and other large Fortune 100 and Fortune 1000 companies.

Gus can be flown in for “big gun” discussions and planning meetings with major clients. Gus and Gary have worked together for 5+ years, his easy going manner yet highly technical understanding is a great fit for larger corporations who need direction or hands on management assistance.

Rachit Agarwal, ITT, MCTS, MCPD

Microsoft Software Development Expert

Rachit Agarwal holds an Engineering degree (IIT-Delhi) and numerous professional certifications such as MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) and MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer).

Rachit has an extensive track record in managing, architecting, designing, implementing and delivering large scale custom software business projects. Gary and Rachit have been working together for over 7 years.  Each and every day, and many days on weekends, Gary and Rachit focus on managing the development team, with Rachit overseeing, managing and VERIFYING our developers stay on track.

Rachit Agarwal is also responsible for our continuous education mandate.  Software advances are difficult to keep pace with.  Rachit enforces our corporate mandate for weekly education, where developers MUST focus and be educated in technology changes and advancements.  Each week, Rachit manages “Lunch and Learns” and also periodically tests and assesses each developer’s retained knowledge.

Rachit is an expert in Microsoft technologies and leads all engineering and development efforts at Campbell Software.  Being the primary development manager who looks after all of the details, Rachit participates in all project meetings with stakeholders and project managers.

Michele Boyd, COBOL Enterprise Expert

COBOL Software Development Expert

Michele is unique in that there’s not many women who have embraced software development for the past 20 years.  Michele has held positions as a COBOL developer, programming manager, project manager and IT manager for large corporations employing 500 to 20,000 people.

Michele is a past president of her local IT association (Society for Information Management) comprised of Fortune 500 companies, government services, public health care, banking institutions and other large institutions and organizations.  Michele’s IT experience with large corporations helps guide and ensure Campbell Software is correctly positioned to serve the F1000 market.

Michele is an expert with legacy technology.  She is one of a very few people that can assist extremely large organizations to transition from COBOL to current technology.  Michele’s experience is critical for projects that require legacy knowledge, she is one possibly a few hard-core COBOL developers in the USA that can assist banks and large corporations to move forward with current technology.  Also, Campbell Software clients ALWAYS comment how wonderful she is to work with.

Bill Bradley, POS Expert

Hospitality Retail POS Expert

Bill Bradley has sold, installed and customized over 1000 POS systems.  Bill has extensive experience with NCR (Aloha POS) and Oracle (MICROS) point of sale systems.

Bill is ALWAYS available to assist, from helping crafting a specific solution, working with clients and customizing solutions.  Campbell Software Point of Sale clients can reply upon Bill to look after immediate concerns.

For custom integration work, POS data processing, report consolidation, bar-coding, batch file processing or other unique requirements, few people have the capability to understand the guts of a POS product to make POS tech work.

Bill has decades of experience delivering Retail and Hospitality Technology solutions that MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the financial and personal lives of the companies and people who use them.

Software Developer Team

Custom Software Developers

Imagine a group of 30+ developers and management, each of which have 10 to 20 years of PROFESSIONAL, COMMERCIAL ENVIRONMENT development experience.  All work is legally guaranteed and our agreement is legally enforceable (unlike offshore where courts are backlogged 10 years and not legally enforceable).

Campbell Software does not hire newbies.  We ONLY hire people with at least 10 years of commercial development experience, meaning that if a person has not worked in a commercial development environment (even though they have been working as an in-house developer), they are NOT qualified to work for us.

The reason for this is simple.  Commercial development is profoundly different than in-house.  As well, during the EXTREME vetting process we perform for new hires, we vet each skill the developer “states” they know.  We actually test and measure their stated knowledge FOR EACH TECHNOLOGY SKILL.  On the average, about 97% of applicants are rejected.  We do this as our client promise is to provide higher quality software faster, for less. Forget about price per hour, what matters most is true competency.  A $25 dollar per hour developer with less experience can chew though thousands per week, introduce issues, get “stuck” and try to figure stuff out on your time. Experienced commercial developers hammer out solutions about 40% faster.

Commercial development space experience is vastly different than in-house experience.  In the commercial space, developers must ramp up quickly and work with unique tech stacks (per client) many times per year.  Commercial software developers have an insane amount of experience with different technologies as compared to someone who has worked in-house at 4 companies (think tech stacks: In-house:developer has 4 tech stacks of experience in 10 years vs Commercial space: 60 tech stacks in 10 years).  This translates to retained knowledge with a far wider range of technology specific products.

Our software developer resource pool has over 350 years of combined COMMERCIAL development experience:

  • DB Developers – Experts with MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, NoSQL
  • .NET Business Layer Developers
  • .NET Presentation Layer Developers
  • QA Team – Professional Quality Assurance Testers
  • Mobility Experts – iOS, Android and Hybrid
  • JSON | Angular JS/2/3/4 Experts
  • Telerik Specialists
  • API integration Specialists
  • Team Leads
  • Code Reviewers | Builds | Deployment Specialists
  • Project Managers