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We have nearly 500 years of Commercial Software Development Experience

Vetted Software Skills

One of the most important factors when selecting a software developer or a software development team is experience.  5 years of experience? 10 years? 15 years of experience?  By choosing us, we will select the most pertinent people required for your project from our pool of 500 years of experience.  You can determine the technologies preferred our we will suggest technologies that best fits your specific project.  Not only that, we will also draw on people who have similar industry or vertical application specialty experience pertinent to your project.  As well, you will also get to work with a dedicated domain expert who becomes your communication lead to manage and take complete responsibility for all of the different software development stages, from requirements to release and maintenance phases.

Development Requires Expertise

At Campbell Software, our people have commercial experience. Our infrastructure provides development, staging and production environments to ensure the deployment is 100% verified. Our development infrastructure provides 6 layers of security. We have 4 1GB lines of bandwidth, our systems are backed up nightly (to disk, tape and offsite) and we have UPS and diesel backup. By providing a great environment for our developers to work with, we can demand excellence. No excuses, we provide a legally enforceable (since we are a Canadian company – not offshore company) guarantee that only a very few companies provide.

Development Team Management

Below are the primaries at Campbell Software. Some of our people were WORLD Renowned Experts.

Gary Campbell

Gary Campbell

Custom Software Development – Founder

Gary Campbell is unique in his unsurpassed knowledge of custom software development and decades of “real world” business experience.  Few people have deep coding skills plus extensive business and management experience working with companies like TEC, Amazon, Hitachi and Verizon.

His start-ups include an online product used by 4 million users, a massive F10 corporate rollout on thousands of desktops and a nomination as best start-up in British Columbia.  His products have been featured in PC magazine, Frost & Sullivan and IDC publications.  Gary has extensive experience with LMS (Learning Management Systems), Oil & Gas projects, Web Conferencing, Accounting projects (GL/AR/AP/PR), POS integrations, Back-of-the-House control systems, Perpetual Inventory control, EDI Ordering, Legal Billing systems, Advanced Image Recognition, Medical Device servos and Healthcare projects.

For your project, Gary will be highly involved in discussions, meetings and follow through.  Gary will look after the details, as attested by 350+ technology skill set references and personal recommendations on LinkedIn and the Better Business Bureau website.

Dino Esposito, MVP

Dino Esposito, MVP

GOD of .NET Development

If your company utilizes Microsoft Technology, you already know of Dino, as one of his books is probably sitting on your bookshelf.  His books such as “Architecting Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise” and “Architecting Microsoft .NET Solutions for the Enterprise” are must reads for the technology industry.  Dino has written some 20+ books on software development. See Dino’s software development books.  For the past 20 years, Dino’s weekly and monthly articles about software development have been published by Microsoft and many other online services dedicated to advancing software technology.

Dino is a shareholder of Campbell Software.  Gary and Dino work with our higher end corporate F100 clients who need direction relating to .NET and Microsoft technologies.  Dino is our most world renowned expert.  While he is located in Italy and is sometimes busy speaking at Microsoft developer conferences, Dino and Gary are in constant contact.  Dino is a guy that can provide advice to large clients that is critical to their success.

Cole Thompson – Networks | Systems

Cole Thompson – Networks | Systems

Certified Network Expert

Cole has extensive knowledge of hardware systems, networks, security and cloud based solutions.  He is an expert with Window server configurations and VM’s.  He is an authorized partner and certified with Microsoft, IBM, CISCO and HP.

Cole is a shareholder of Campbell Software. Gary and Cole have been working together for 8+ years.  Cole manages Campbell Software’s network, servers and services and works closely with Gary when assessing client hosting needs for dedicated servers, managed hosting and cloud computing services.  From water cooling, bio-metric based security access, BGP routing (4 1GB back-bones), 6 layers of security, commercial IBM and CISCO hardware, fast SSD 3TB storage, UPS and Diesel backup power, with Microsoft DPM, hard-drive, tape and secondary offsite backups, Cole’s services and expertise hosting hundreds of servers for tens of thousands of clients pushes Campbell Custom Software Development in a league of their own.

Cole is a guy who Gary can call at 2 am on the weekend.  For one client, when GoDaddy was experiencing a DNS attack, millions of websites went offline for days.  Within 30 minutes of our system notifying us of the outage, Cole was able to establish an internally hosted secondary DNS over-ride, even though GoDaddy was down.  The net result was that an accredited college, with 600 daily online users were able to use a custom development website as if the attack never occured.  For millions of other websites and their users, they were down for days.

Gus Emery, Microsoft ASP Insider

Gus Emery, Microsoft ASP Insider

Enterprise Class .NET Development

Gus Emery is an ASP Insider, a group of internationally recognized ASP.NET insiders, hand picked by Microsoft, helping Microsoft ASP technologies evolve.  By knowing how, when and why major technologies are advancing, his guidance helps Enterprise class clients get the most juice from their implementation.

Gus has been involved with business software projects for the Oil & Gas industry, has worked with developers and project managers to oversee technical governance for companies like Target, General Mills and Tech-Pro.

Gus can be flown in for “big gun” discussions and planning meetings with major clients. Gus and Gary have worked together for 5+ years, his easy going manner, yet highly technical understanding is a great fit for larger corporations who need direction or hands on management assistance.

Rachit Agarwal, ITT, MCTS, MCPD

Rachit Agarwal, ITT, MCTS, MCPD

VP Development

Rachit holds an Engineering degree (IIT-Delhi) and numerous professional certifications such as MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) and MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer).

Rachit has an extensive track record in managing, architecting, designing, implementing and delivering large scale custom software projects. Gary and Rachit have been working together (Rachit is a shareholder) for over 7 years.  Each and every day, and many days on weekends, Gary and Rachit focus on managing the development team, with Rachit overseeing, managing and VERIFYING our developers stay on track.

Rachit is also responsible for our continuous education mandate.  Software advances are difficult to keep pace with.  Rachit enforces our corporate mandate for weekly education, where developers MUST focus and be educated in technology changes and advancements.  Each week, Rachit manages Lunch and Learns and also periodically tests and assesses developer knowledge.

Rachit is an expert in Microsoft technologies and leads all engineering and development efforts at Campbell Software.  Being the primary development manager loking after all of the details, Rachit participates in all project meetings.

Michele Boyd – Cobol | Enterprise Expert

Michele Boyd – Cobol | Enterprise Expert

COBOL Custom Software Development Expert

Michele is unique in that there’s not alot of women who have embraced software development.  Michele has held positions as a developer, programming manager, project manager and IT manager for large corporations employing 500 to 20,000 people.

Michele is a past president of her local IT association (Society for Information Management) comprised of Fortune 500 companies, government services, public health care, banking institutions and other large institutions and organizations.  Michele’s IT experience with large corporations helps guide and ensure Campbell Software is correctly positioned to serve the F1000 market.

Michele is an expert with legacy technology.  She is one of a very few people that can assist extremely large organizations to transition from COBOL to current technology.  Michele’s experience is critical for projects that require legacy knowledge, she is one possibly a few hard-core COBOL developers in the USA that can assist banks and large corporations to move forward with current technology.  Also, Campbell Software clients ALWAYS comment how wonderful she is to work with.

Bill Bradley – POS Expert

Bill Bradley – POS Expert

POS Hospitality Retail Specialist

Bill Bradley has sold, installed and customized over 1000 POS systems.  Bill is an NCR (Aloha POS) and Oracle (MICROS) expert.  Bill is ALWAYS available to assist, from helping crafting a specific solution, working with clients and deployment, Campbell Software POS clients can reply upon Bill to look after immediate concerns.

For custom integration work, POS data processing, report consolidation, bar-coding, batch file processing or other unique requirements, few people have the capability to understand the guts of a POS product to make POS tech work.  Bill has decades of experience delivering Retail and Hospitality Technology solutions that MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the financial and personal lives of the companies and people who use them.

Software Talent Pool – Developers

Software Talent Pool – Developers

Developer Talent Pool

Imagine a group of 30+ developers and management, each of which have 10 to 20 years of PROFESSIONAL, COMMERCIAL ENVIRONMENT development experience.  All work is legally guaranteed and our agreement is legally enforceable (unlike offshore where courts are backlogged 10 years and not legally enforceable).

Campbell Software does not hire newbies.  We ONLY hire people with at least 10 years of commercial development experience, meaning that if a person has not worked in a commercial development environment (even though they have beein in this business for 10+ years), they are NOT qualified to work for us.

The reason for this is simple.  Commercial development is profoundly different.  As well, during the EXTREME vetting process for new hires, we vet each skill the developer “states” they know.  we actually test and measure their stated knowledge FOR EACH TECHNOLOGY SKILL.  On the average, about 97% of applicants are rejected.  We do this as our promise to custom software development clients is to provide and build higher quality custom software for less.  Forget about price per hour, what matters most is true competency.  A $25 dollar per hour developer with less experience can chew though thousands of dollars and a week of effort without process that an experienced “retained knowledge” developer can hammer out in a day.

Most organizations hire developers without having the ability to technically assess skills required.  Campbell Software afford to provide a guarantee to clients of they hire people who are phonies.

Commercial development space experience is vastly different than in-house experience.  In the commercial space, developers must ramp up quickly and work with unique tech stacks (per client) many times per year.  Commercial developers have an insane amount of experience with different technologies as compared to someone who has worked in-house at 4 companies (think tech stacks: In-house:developer has 4 tech stacks of experience in 10 years vs Commercial space: 60 tech stacks in 10 years).  This translates to retained knowledge with expertise in choosing the best technologies to accomplish client goals faster for less.  As well, the commercial software development industry MUST enforce continuous education to ensure developers code from their brain with retained knowledge instead of attempting for “figure it out”.

Custom Software Development Services

Canadian Partner for Custom Software Development Services

Who would you trust more?  A local developer, chosen from a small pool, of which you cannot technically assess their skills since you do not employ people who can verify skills that the developer states they have?  Do you trust an unknown offshore developer who you hired because they were cheap?  Or would you rather hire a trusted Canadian company whose reputation, ability, experience and guarantee is certain?

View rating on BBB.Org

Campbell Software has a decade of proven trusted experience.  We are connected with 750+ CTO’s, we have been a title sponsor of the Better Business Bureau Annual recognition ceremony where Gary Campbell (founder) presented an award to the best business in British Columbia.

We have sponsored numerous Microsoft Developer conferences in Orlando and Vegas, we have earned (not paid) publications in PC Magazine, Frost and Sullivan and Wainhouse Research.  The Premier of British Columbia, then the honorable Gordon Campbell used us as a success case of technology in British Columbia.  We have been nominated by 900 technical peers in British Columbia by the BCTIA as best startup in the province, we have been publicly endorsed by 50 colleges and universities AND products we have created have been used by the Canadian and United States military.

Experience and Trust are critical considerations for all business software projects.

Lower Cost Software Development

Campbell Software has worked on many projects with shoestring budgets.  There is nothing wrong with having a tight budget.  A tight budget helps everyone to focus on the primary deliverables of a software project.  But a tight budget is the reason why you cannot afford the cheapest people.  Why would a great developer charge the lowest price per hour?  Unfortunately, many people choose a developer or team based upon the lowest rate per hour only.  But low rate developers take far longer to code, they unknowingly introduce security and performance issues and their code us pretty much spaghetti. Try sorting noodles to find a bug or a security or performance issue.  Our custom development software services are NOT expensive.  For hourly rates, flat rate quotes or monthly assigned developers, we provide a legally enforceable guarantee.  Unlike offshore, Canadian’s are legally bound to their master services agreement AND our legal system is jammed up 10 years.  Being a Canadian company, Campbell Software MUST deliver on its promises.  We provide an extensive guarantee via our MSA (Master Services Agreement) to all of our clients.

We provide value of experience that off-shore cheap resources do not.  We code faster as our skill set lives within our brain and code drips from our fingertips.  Rather than the developer himself test their own code, we utilize a separate testing team to verify and even attempt to break the developer’s code.  We also review source codes (via our Team Foundation Source code repository server) to ensure back doors, security faults and error handling is correctly coded.  And we ensure that developers that participate in your software project have the technology experience and domain experience you need.  And finally, with our 6 layers of 24×7 network security and CCTV monitoring of every developer, and with management reviewing code development with each developer every 2 hours, we keep on track.  This infrastructure costs a bit more, but for some $6 per hour or so the end result is that deliverables are delivered on time, the code is solid, stable, secure and performance driven.

TRUST Campbell Software

Incorporated in British Columbia Canada, Campbell Software is an “ON-SHORE” commercial software development company, specializing in complex business applications and business mobility applications.  We code mobile apps, mobility applications, web applications, software applications, web services, digital products, enterprise class and enterprise software solutions. For all projects, our consulting services include professional project management, post production verification and software maintenance.

BBB Torch Awards
BBB Torch Awards

In 2016, Campbell Software was the title sponsor of the BBB Torch Awards for British Columbia Canada.  Campbell Software has also sponsored DevConnections and DevIntersect conventions, two of the largest and most popular Microsoft Developer conventions.

Two of Campbell Software’s people are world renowned, Gus Emery (Minnesota), being an ASP Insider and Dino Esposito (Italy), an MVP who has authored 20+ books on software development, published hundreds of “Cutting Edge” articles and has been a conference technology speaker at world events for 15+ years.

“Gary Campbell’s approach to development is unique in that he understands that today’s developers cannot be experts in all technologies.  By separating development into a proven architecture, and then further separating the layers to specific skill sets, his infrastructure forces developers to develop software using a limited but expert skill set.  This development approach provides true separation of concerns, while also providing an optimal infrastructure for unit testing and ensuring maintainable code for the life cycle.”Dino Esposito, MVP

Gary Campbell with Scott Guthrie
Gary Campbell with Scott Guthrie (Microsoft)

Today, IT projects are comprised of many complex software technologies, load balanced hardware architecture, using different operating systems, different types of servers with expectations of mobility device reach.  A single developer can no longer be expert in all of these technologies, many of which are separate careers.  Today, a single developer is severely challenged, 70% of their day is consumed with on-the-fly learning while they unknowingly introduce bugs, security issues and future performance problems.  As well, their code is tightly coupled and costly to maintain.  With Campbell Software, you will have a team of highly skilled developers, with retained knowledge in specific technologies and layers, coding your exact specifications.

Expert Development.  Proven Track Record.  Transparency from start to finish.  Campbell Software is the company you wished you called first.  Give us a call, give us a chance to quote a flat rate on one of your goals, give a a chance to show you how our mettle meets your expectations.  We have provided F10, F100 and F1000 companies with custom software development services.  Yet most of our projects are with small companies with a tight budget that need to do it right the first time.


Our Portfolio: Over 200 Custom Software Development Projects

Recent Software Projects

British Columbia Lottery Corporation: The BCLC contracted Campbell Software to help them provide loyalty rewards to members used across all casino’s in British Columbia.  To accomplish this, each proprietary Point of Sale system used by casino’s needed to support BCLC categories (to determine reward point accruals), member card point balance look-ups, member card prize claims, member card point redemption with PIN verification, mobility device integration, touch screen integration and more.

Posera POS: Assisted Posera to update and change various client side back office reports.  Campbell Software also provided custom middle-ware to integrate the POS with Greek Fiscal printers (this was a country compliant sales tax reporting requirement).

Animal Dental Care: We provided Phase II efforts related to an animal dental surgery application, including an anesthetic monitoring module.

Interface Media Group: We altered an existing version of a video kiosk application for COMCAST, providing the ability to add, change, update, tag, search and sync media across disparate kiosks. We also provided usage metrics tracking.

Below is a Snapshot of Software Projects we completed, categorized by domain expertise.

Custom Accounting Software Development

Custom Accounting Software Development

Scratch build of a full custom designed accounting system:  General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Canadian Payroll modules, with usual reports such as Income statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Audit Detail, Aged Receivables and Payments, plus Employee T4’s and Corporate T1.

Electronic Polling / Billing system for legal firm:  Serial based communication to capture data from a station message detail recorder (inbound and outbound telephone and fax call SMDR), photo copier and postage system, with network based hard copy print logging, transposing the data to a proprietary accounting format, converting to EBCDIC via a 5251 emulator, and integration to an IBM System 36 accounting system, eliminating all manual data entry which previously required 3 full time staff.  The system also enforced client account coding of all inbound and outbound calls & hard copies, resulting in a monthly gain of $30k in additional billing per month for the firm.  References available.  Browse through each portfolio project individually.

Analytics Software

Analytics Software

We developed a popular Web Analytics tool to capture and study website behavior.  Capturing client side mouse movements, UI clicks and keypresses (that Google analytics does not) to help the client to make better UI decisions for their E/C website.

Mobility app metrics capture and logging, similar in concept to above, but for mobility (iOS Android), consumed by a 3rd party analytics tool via an API reporting module, providing a deep analysis of user metrics to measure interactivity, features used, features NOT used, etc.

Custom Banking Software Projects

Custom Banking Software Projects

We assisted a major banking client to improve their Treasury Management system. This project required a team of 90 people of which we were part of the team (18 developers).  We cannot disclose details due to an NDA other than stating the technology effort was primarily a migration from Cobol to a NET/MSSQLFRAME stack. As well, we also provided a robust set of new features.

Big Data Custom Built Project

Big Data Custom Built Project

We developed a “generic” big data solution providing in-depth automated analysis of disparate yet related data, with advanced blending algorithms and rules to identify trends, medians and probabilities.  We implemented MSSQL with SQLCLR modules for security and privacy reasons, RSS feed subscriptions and data scraping utilizing a legal approval permission process.  This was a mid-size project (6 figures).

Child Care Services Development Project

Child Care Services Development Project

We created a Child care services system for tracking meals, attendance, nutrition and billing, with automated government reporting for 300 Texas counties.  The project was HIPAA compliant, with electronic digital signature signing (custom approach) for monthly government filings.  This was a mid-size project (6 figures).  Project is now in maintenance mode.  Campbell Software’s VP of Networks and Systems hosts the sites and portals.  References available.

Web Conferencing Custom Platform

Web Conferencing Custom Platform

Gary Campbell – Start-up founder, director.

Nominated by the BCTIA as best start-up in 2006 by 900 BC technology companies.  Earned media in PC Magazine, profiled in a publication by the Honorable Colin Hansen (June 15, 2006) “British Columbia Technology Sector Profile” as a success story, appeared in Frost and Sullivan, IDC Research and Wainhouse Research publications.

Over 500,000 meetings hosted with 4 million participants.

Used by Verizon internally, rolled out to tens of thousands of internal Verizon desktops, used by Health Canada, Engineers without Borders, Purple Hearts, colleges, universities, Canadian military for group based tank simulations, real time auctions to sell heavy equipment (live auction bidding component).

Servers were .NET C# based, client was OCX based, first on the scene with Win 7 1 click web install, with openSSL (since at that time, Windows did not provide SSL layer services), VoIP audio mixing, webcam, PPT presentations, screen-casting, recordings, voting, web tours and a multitude of other features ahead of its time were provided.

Custom Designed Education Projects

Custom Designed Education Projects

Scratch build of a Learning Management System (LMS) supporting many roles (System Admin, EDU admin, Academic Officers, Course Instructors, Students, Graduates, Marketing Manager, Marketing Staff, Technical Support, Admissions Manager, Admissions Staff, Student Services Manager, Student Services staff, Authoring Role, HR Manager, HR Staff, Finance Manager, Finance Staff and custom roles.  Included Silverlight transcription component with advanced audio transcription features such as play speed and content formatting rules.  Also complex quizzes, lesson tests, chapter tests, with weighted grading, supporting many unique types of questions (usual types plus crosswords, find a word, non-exact match, etc).  Solution eliminated $2000 of royalties per student, enabling the college to offer a better course for less.  This was a mid-size project (6 figures).  Whitepaper available.

Subcontracted to work on Amazon’s AWS gold certification programming verification course for developers.  Included course content, documentation and course programming examples in both Java and C#.  We cannot provide further details due to NDA.



We developed a role based secure work force management ERP solution, where data was collected from many different types of sources (proprietary and standard data formats) from contact centers across the globe.  Developed flexible / configuration control panel applets (dashboard) providing snapshots.  In-depth reporting and charting (SSRS) provided analysis on service levels, quality of service and other key performance indicators (KPI’s).

State Wide Energy Utility Grid Project – collection, reporting and analysis of SCADA data of feeders, generating alerts at run time for theft, bypasses, outages, load and other parameters, performance of field teams, scheduling of feeders, shutdown in case of shortage of electricity and demand forecasting.  This was a very large project (8 figures).

Franchise Wide Custom Management System

Franchise Wide Custom Management System

Data processing for 300 Wendy’s franchises, head office franchise reporting, EDI ordering, perpetual inventory, labor scheduling, head office reporting, daily electronic data uploads and other processes.

Also for a Wendy’s Franchise, performed an in-depth cost analysis (onsite weighing and measuring ingredients) with recipe confirmation of their entire line of food and beverage products resulting in nation price change corrections across the chain.

Hospitality Software

Hospitality Software

Onsite POS installations – NCR, Aloha, RMS and others.  Campbell Custom Software’s VP of POS has over 1000 POS installs while Gary has been involved with about 20.  There was a time when we pulled wire, setup and configured networks, now with wireless, installation is much so much easier.

Custom built hospitality back office system:
Integration to 40 different POS systems and cash register brands, Multi-revenue departments and inventory stock centers (30), Batch processing (for commissaries with tracking/distribution to franchise locations), Perpetual Inventory, Just in time reordering with EDI electronic ordering to major vendors, Receiving with various handhelds, Food and beverage recipe costing with yields, trim, waste factoring, Unlimited conversion definitions (Case 24 100oz, 16-20 count per pound, etc.), Theoretical sales mix costing and reporting, Server cash-outs, blind cash-outs, cashier cash-outs, Projected labor cost scheduling, Magnetic card sign-ins with early / late approvals and custom rounding rules, Daily and to-date labor costing, End of day financials, Distributed in 7 countries, in 4 languages (English, French, Spanish and German)

Insurance – Custom Software Solution

Insurance – Custom Software Solution

We augmented a National (USA) insurance system project providing public employees (teachers), supporting all major insurance carriers, regulatory rules, renewals and coverage changes.  The requirements document was comprised of 130 pages, highly detailed and professional detailed. When the project commenced, the client was behind 2 drop dates (4 months), we assisted with the catch-up mode, saving the project from a drastic fail.  This was a mid-size project (6 figures), we worked long days and weekends to save this project.

Medical Records Systems

Medical Records Systems

Design and development of a complete HIPAA compliant medical portal doctors & patients and associated medical records system.  This project had a $300,000 project, we had 12 people working on this from concept, requirements definition collection, formalization of requirements, accept, development, project deliverable approval, production release and post production verification.

Medical Portal POC (proof of concept) for a Fertility clinic.  This project required protection against bot logins, bot logon attempt notification to users, automatic routing to never-never land when a bot attacked, user management, profile management, services content management and more.

Medical Image data processing system (POC) for a hand held medical device used by a general practitioner that scans heart chambers and vales to identify heart disease.  This was a small POC project focusing on advanced image recognition technology. Unfortunately, due to legal patent challenges from a patent toll legal firm related to the client, the project was placed on hold and we were contracted to argue the supposed patent infringement.

Custom Mobility Software Development Projects

Custom Mobility Software Development Projects

POC iOS application intended for the US Chamber of Commerce, to automate visitor data collection with data consolidation across cities, regions and states.  This app eliminated the manual conversion of collecting hand written data and manually merging spreadsheets across regions, states and the country, with data being instantly consolidated across the nation.  This was a small project (5 figures).

A “No logon required” free social media mobile app to take pictures of public event posters (or marketing content) which were assigned categories, tagged with event name, location, dates, etc.  GEO lookups via US postal codes or GPS meta data within the image provided regional radius searching.  This allowed region visitors or tourists to instantly find activities of interest in their area via with keyword and category filtering (Night Life, Over 21, Family, Dining, etc.)  Monetization aspects included Ticket Master and poster advertisers).  A web portal provided back-end administration for event submission approvals.  This was a small project (5 figures).

Mobile Program Writer:  Subscription based automated mobile app generator for iOS, Android and Windows phones, eliminating the need to custom develop apps for major types of software products across all special interest categories.  Using a web portal, the subscriber selects App type, selects a theme style, custom branding, then defines or uploads content.  Then the three types of apps (iOS, Android and WinPhone) are generated (no programming required).  Think of this as an application that creates applications to be distributed on Google Play, the iStore and Windows store.  This was a small project.

Organize the unorganized local commerce market by providing the existing supply chain with mobile technology with auto-discovery of retailers, products and services, enabling direct interaction between the consumer & retailer, and facilitating the e-commerce process.  This was a small project (5 figures).

See Oil & Gas regarding a large project (Field Data Collection using an iPad).

Oil & Gas Custom Field Data Collection

Oil & Gas Custom Field Data Collection

Oil & Gas field data collection iOS tablet app, supporting dynamically generated no-custom-programming required data collection interfaces for routes, route stops, collection points for tank inventory, well status, casing and tubing pressure, seals, downtime, water meters with automated sync to head office.  This is probably the worlds most advanced product of its type and it drastically reduces field data collection costs for oil companies.  This was a large project (7 figures).  References available.

For numerous oil & gas companies, we provided custom programming to improve business process and reporting.

Point of Sale (POS) – Custom Integrations

Point of Sale (POS) – Custom Integrations

Over 1000 hospitality and retail point of sale configurations, customizations and installations throughout the US and Canada.

Back of the house integration with over 40 different POS products (all major brands such as Squirrel, Remanco, NCR, Tec, Panasonic, Casio, RMS, Aloha, etc).

Entire custom back of the house system for Comtrex, for all end of day reports, cashouts & deposits, integrated with optional perpetual inventory, theoretical sales mix cost analysis, etc.  This was a mid-size project (6 figures).

Project Management

Project Management

We provide an online portal to clients, stakeholders, analysts and developers.  The system tracks requirements, tasks, % complete, meetings, milestones, time, billing, invoicing, risk management, discussions, etc.  Everything related to the project is located in one convenient online location.

We provide staging systems for clients, to experience, visualize and experience day to day progress.  We also provide clients with access to their private TFS (Team Foundation Server) source code repository, to compare check-ins against requirement tasks, assess effort, etc.  Also note we utilize the advanced security capabilities of TFS, ensuring ONLY the people assigned to the project have the access they need (readers, contributors, builders).

All of our servers have 6 layers of security:  AD security, Symantec Cloud AV, MS Forefront security, heavyweight commercial Cisco firewall, Port and IP lockouts (intrusion detection) and TFS security round out these layers.  Our network is comprised of Cisco routers, IBM hardware, commercial tape backups using Microsoft DPM, offsite backups, UPS and diesel backup protection, BGP routing with 4 GB’s of connectivity, SSD storage and 99.9% uptime guaranteed.  This enterprise class infrastructure ensures we have the tools and performance required to develop and protect a client’s IP.

Our developers adhere to our proven methodologies and business process, from architecture to coding, ensuring the codes are unit testable and loosely coupled.  All deliverables are verified via a recorded session, when a task is about to be closed and confirmed by our QA team, stakeholders can view the video recording of the deliverable confirmation.

We utilize a silo approach to development for the UI, business logic and Data layers.

Reservation Systems

Reservation Systems

Numerous customizations of proprietary motel and hotel reservation systems, plus web discovery interfaces and enumerable services related to online booking.

Retail Management Custom Software

Retail Management Custom Software

Developed a web portal for tracking and managing inventory, logistics, resource management, with A/R and A/P.

Component for managing private label products within a supply chain management system, based upon documents exchanged between the various entities.

Multilingual application for managing in store promotions, supply and management of private label products for retailers across diverse vendors and global locations (countries).

Customization of POS relational databases to support bar code scanners.

Custom Development – Verticals

Custom Development – Verticals

Animal dental care dentistry solution for veterinarians, supporting all industry standard diagnosis and procedures, dental charting, occlusal charting, anesthetic monitoring, compliant medical record locking, multi-user networking with client and referring vet facing web portal.  Also integration with non-competing market leaders allowing for a quick start-up (clients and patients being electronically imported).  This was a small project (5 figures).  References available plus a BBB review.

Complex sports portal / web application for managing sports, venues, teams, referees, inventory, placement, penalties, scheduling and other features required by a city or league to manage the sport.  This was a mid-size project (6 figures).  References available.

Online Trading (bid/sell) management portal for the coal and energy sector, cannot disclose details, other than it being a mid-size project (6 figures).



We have been involved with many custom website projects and web based applications (at least 100).  There was a time when much of our work involved creating general websites.  However, due to the advancements in website template offerings such as WordPress (our website is a theme based WordPress template), it no longer makes sense to spend thousands on a general website (when you can purchase a fantastic template for $50).

Tech Skills

Verified and Confirmed Software Skills

Choosing a software development company is difficult. It seems that almost every company promises their developers are the best, but few provide a legally enforceable guarantee. As well, many do not vet, test nor provide their developers with forced continuous education.

Here’s a few good articles relating to the “deeper” knowledge and experience of commercial developers.  Vetting Software Developer Skill Sets and Why Software Development Projects Fail.

Campbell Software Development Experts have unmatched skills in the following areas:

.NET Access Angular / Angular2
Bootstrap Crystal Reports CSS
Entity Framework HTML5 & Sockets Ionic2
iOS / Android Apps MS SQL MS SSRS
My SQL Node.js PayPal Invoicing
REST API’s Social Media API’s Telerik
VB, C# WPF XML/XLST and more…

Every custom software development client has their own unique tech stack.  By working with hundreds of such clients, our depth of knowledge surpasses developers that have worked for 4 or 5 companies for 2 decades.  This means that Campbell Software developers have extensive experience with a HUGE range of legacy, current and leading technologies required for custom software development.

Deep experience and exposure to hundreds of different technologies via different tech stacks (per client) translates to extensive retained knowledge which translates to getting the job done for less.  This is our promise and guarantee.

What does this mean for your business?  It means we get stuff done faster for less.  And we guarantee our end result will meet your expectations from requirements crafting to post production verification processes.  Let us help you.


Contact Us for your Contracted Software Development Services

Campbell Software is a commercial custom software development company located in Canada.  We have offices located in Kelowna British Columbia and Saskatoon Saskatchewan.

Since some of our key people are USA Citizens, home offices are also located in Birmingham Alabama, Minneapolis Minnesota and Port Saint Lucie Florida.

Call Toll Free in North America at 1 (888) 859-4853 (from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm Pacific time) or use the form below. We work crazy hours – do not be surprised if we connect with you sooner than expected!


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