Custom Software Development Services

Campbell Software is a Custom Software Development Company located in Canada. We have nearly 500 years of combined software development experience crafting custom software solutions for business.  We have worked with over 200 clients for their custom software development needs.

We’re proud to offer a legally binding performance and custom software development services guarantee.  Call us Toll Free in North America at 1 (888) 859-4853.

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We have sponsored Microsoft Developer conferences in Orlando and Vegas.  We have earned (not paid) publications in PC Magazine, Frost and Sullivan and Wainhouse Research.  The Premier of British Columbia published a government report hailing us a technology success case for British Columbia.  900 BCTIA technology companies (members) nominated a company Gary Campbell founded as best start-up in British Columbia.  Products we have developed have been used by 50 colleges and universities.  Products we designed, coded, deployed and maintained have been used by the US Military, Canadian Military, Verizon, Health Canada, TEC, Amazon and more.  Over 4 million people have used products we built from scratch.

With our A+ BBB Rating, over 300 software programming skill set endorsements by professionals, some 130 years of combined project management experience, and with nearly 350 years of combined developer experience, Campbell Software is a company you can trust.  Our promise is to build higher quality software faster, for less.  We deliver this promise every day.

We are Experienced.  We are Trusted..  And we are Proven…

Find our our rates and pricing details below.

Top Rated Lower Cost Software Development

Campbell Software has worked on many projects for clients with shoestring budgets.

What some people do not understand is that if your budget is tight, you cannot afford to hire the cheapest people.  Many of our clients come to us to get projects back on track after they discovered the cheapest resource cost them far more money than they thought they would save.

Here’s why:  Cheap developers are less experienced.  They take longer to code. They will unknowingly introduce security and performance issues.  Their code will be tightly coupled.  You will pay them for fixing messes they created.  Critical bugs will be discovered after release.  The list of risks goes on.

Campbell Software, a trusted Canadian company, provides clients with a legal corporate guarantee.  Unlike off-shore companies, where liability courts have a 10 year backlog, our corporate promise is a Canadian promise.  It is legally enforceable and it is our pleasure to deliver our promise to you.

We use Microsoft Visual Studio for most of our projects.  As per Microsoft project analysis reports, our cost per line of code is 60% less than the industry standard.  Our Maintainability Index score averages 55% less (easier and less costly to maintain) than industry standards.  Microsoft Class Coupling, Cyclomatic Complexity and Depth of Inheritance Analysis report scores our quality of our work product higher than in-house developers (based upon independent industry measurements).

How do we achieve this?  Our success is not an industry secret.  Quite simply, we pay very close attention to the processes and details. And we hire only experienced, proven developers.

For software development, you need experienced people.  We code faster since our skill sets, coding languages, knowledge and project management has been honed by decades of experience.  We don’t need to figure stuff out, we know it.  We know workarounds to bugs in DLL libraries.  We know how NOT to introduce performance or security issues.  “Separation of Concerns” architecture is a standard we adhere to.  We have a proven track record of delivering successful projects. That means higher quality software. Faster, for less.

From a corporate quality verification perspective, we employ a specialized “QA” team to verify and test the code written by our developers.  The QA Team’s job is to do everything they can to crash and break the developers code (we consider it a sin for a developer to proof their own releases).  Our QA team also provides stakeholders with recordings (deliverables proof of delivery).  We also have specialized source code reviewers who review code check-ins via our secure, private Team Foundation Source code repository server.  The code reviewers look for code weaknesses, they ensure that code relates and complies with the deliverable requirements.  When code reviewers discover issues or have concerns, they notify the team lead.  As well, our we sit down with each developer a few times each day, just to check-in and confirm the level of expected progress is occurring.  These continuous, cyclic confirmation and verification processes ensure software products we develop are solid, stable, secure and performance driven.  These processes are also critical to keep the project timeline on track and costs on budget.

Software Development Services

Campbell Software provides ALL software development services related to the complete software development life cycle.  Our usual process is as follows:

  • A Mutual non-disclosure is signed along with a Master Services Agreement.
  • Exploratory discussions occur related to the client’s business concepts, ideas and goals.
  • We assist in formalizing the the business requirements document.
  • A formal confirmation process ensures everyone has the “same” understanding of expections and deliverables before coding starts.
  • We translate the business requirements to technical requirements and and create a technical development requirements plan.
  • Flat rate and Class 3 estimates for each technical development task is provided.
  • Discussions occur about each development task, and for each, a confirmation and acceptance process occurs.
  • Upon task item budget approval, coding commences.
  • Based upon the “Tech Stack” related to each software development task, developers with the most relevant skills and experience are assigned the task.
  • Daily Development Cycle:
    • We visit and review each developer’s progress at least twice per day to ensure developers stay on track.
    • Software development is performed, with daily code check-ins and builds.
    • Reviewers examine each developer’s code check-ins each day.  If concerns are determined, the lead is notified.
    • Developers perform internal tests, and when their progress is “ripe”, they notify the QA team.
    • Our QA (quality assurance) team tests developer code flagged as completed.  QA provides bug reports & recordings to the project lead, who in turn reviews findings with developers.  This is our general daily cyclic process.
    • On a continual basis, our private, secure online portal is updated with daily progress, accessible to all team members and stakeholders.
  • BI weekly: We have progress status meetings with stakeholders.  Occasionally, stakeholders will determine they need a change.  A CR (change request) will then be provided and tracked on the portal.  We expect small changes to occur and do our best to absorb the cost.
  • Upon final review of the staging release, a formal confirmation via a recording of deliverables is provided.
  • Upon approval of the staging release by stakeholders, a deployment plan is reviewed and approved by stakeholders.
  • The Production release is deployed.
  • Upon production release deployment, a Post Production verification recording is provided to confirm success of the production release deployment.
  • The source code repository is now marked with a deployment release version and the code is provided to the stakeholder.
  • The release version is now moved into a source code repository maintenance branch.
  • If fixes are required, we provide corrections at no additional cost for 30 days.

During all of the above processes, all efforts, correspondence, documents, quotes, estimates and formal approvals are tracked using a secure, private online project management portal.  Source codes (explicitly assigned to the client in the MSA (Master Services Agreement) are always available to stakeholders at all times.  As well, staging releases are accessible to stakeholders whenever desired.

Billing is performed on the 15th and end of month.  Our rates are $30 to $45 USD per hour, depending upon resources required.  Discounts are provided when work is sub-contracted by a professional software firm.  Discount rates depend upon the size of the project.  For flat rate quoted projects, payments are due immediately upon meeting agreed upon milestones.

A Canadian Software Development Company

BBB Torch Awards
Gary presenting the BBB Torch Award for Best Accredited Business

Incorporated in British Columbia Canada, Campbell Software is a commercial software development company, specializing in complex business applications and mobility solutions.

We design, code and create mobile apps, mobility applications, web applications, software applications, windows applications, web server services, digital products and Enterprise class software solutions.

For all projects, our rates include professional project management, meetings with stakeholders and post production verification of releases at no additional cost.  We also provide software maintenance services.

In 2016, Campbell Software was the title sponsor of the BBB Torch Awards for British Columbia Canada.

“Gary Campbell’s approach to development is unique in that he understands that today’s developers cannot be experts in all technologies.  By separating development into a proven architecture, and then further separating the layers to specific skill sets, his infrastructure forces developers to develop software using a limited but expert skill set.  This development approach provides true separation of concerns, while also providing an optimal infrastructure for unit testing and ensuring maintainable code for the life cycle.”Dino Esposito, MVP, Author of 20+ software books

Gary Campbell with Scott Guthrie
Gary Campbell with Scott Guthrie (Microsoft)

Today, IT projects are comprised of many complex software technologies, load balanced hardware architecture, using different operating systems, different types of servers with a wide range of expectations of mobility device reach.

A single developer can no longer be expert in all of these technologies.  Many technologies (such as iOS or data layer or UI) are actually separate careers.  Just one of these technology layers is tough to keep current with.

Today, a single developer is severely challenged, 70% of their day is consumed with on-the-fly learning and fixing.

With Campbell Software, you will have a team of highly skilled developers, with retained knowledge in specific technologies and layers, specifically selected for your project’s “tech stack” and layers, coding to your exact specifications.

Expert Development.  Proven Track Record.  Transparency from start to finish.

Campbell Software is the company you wished you called first.  Give us a call, give us a chance to quote a flat rate for one of your projects.  Test drive us with a small project.  We will truly open your eyes and show you how our experience, skill and work ethic delivers our promise.  Call us Toll Free in North America at 1 (888) 859-4853.  Let us take the load off your shoulders.