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Software Developer Team at Campbell Custom Software Development

Deep Pool of Experienced Developers

Imagine a group of 30+ developers and management, each of which have 10 to 20 years of PROFESSIONAL, COMMERCIAL ENVIRONMENT development experience.  All work is legally guaranteed and our agreement is legally enforceable (unlike offshore where courts are backlogged 10 years and not legally enforceable).

Campbell Software does not contract newbies.  We ONLY contract people with at least 10 years of commercial development experience, meaning that if a person has not worked in a commercial development environment (even though they have been working as an in-house developer), they are NOT qualified to work for us.

The reason for this is simple.  Commercial development is profoundly different than in-house.  As well, during the EXTREME vetting process we perform for new hires, we vet each skill the developer “states” they know.  We actually test and measure their stated knowledge FOR EACH TECHNOLOGY SKILL.  On the average, about 97% of applicants are rejected.  We do this as our client promise is to provide higher quality software faster, for less. Forget about price per hour, what matters most is true competency.  A $25 dollar per hour developer with less experience can chew though thousands per week, introduce issues, get “stuck” and try to figure stuff out on your time. Experienced commercial developers hammer out solutions about 40% faster.

Commercial development space experience is vastly different than in-house experience.  In the commercial space, developers must ramp up quickly and work with unique tech stacks (per client) many times per year.  Commercial software developers have an insane amount of experience with different technologies as compared to someone who has worked in-house at 4 companies (think tech stacks: In-house:developer has 4 tech stacks of experience in 10 years vs Commercial space: 60 tech stacks in 10 years).  This translates to retained knowledge with a far wider range of technology specific products.

Our software developer resource pool has over 350 years of combined COMMERCIAL development experience:

  • DB Developers – Experts with MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, NoSQL
  • .NET Business Layer Developers
  • .NET Presentation Layer Developers
  • QA Team – Professional Quality Assurance Testers
  • Mobility Experts – iOS, Android and Hybrid
  • JSON | Angular JS/2/3/4 Experts
  • Telerik Specialists
  • API integration Specialists
  • Team Leads
  • Code Reviewers | Builds | Deployment Specialists
  • Project Managers