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For three years, we have been working on an Animal dental care dentistry solution for veterinarians.  The product supports all industry standard diagnosis and procedures for cats and dogs for deciduous and permanent teeth.  Some of the modules include dental charting, occlusal charting, anesthetic monitoring, compliant medical record locking, multi-user networking.  We also provided a web portal for referring veterinarians and patient clients.  Many “roles” were provided:  Practice Administrator, Practice Manager, Veterinarians, Anesthesiologists, Referring Vets, Vet Technicians, Reception and Clients.  Roles could be customized per practice and more than one role could be assigned to each user.  The product was also integrated with  non-competing market leaders allowing for a quick start-up (clients and patients can be electronically imported).   A Bone and Soft Tissue module also provided the functionalities required for medical diagnosis and procedures.  The Custom Software Application Development project also provided a compliant audit log, where all medical records retained all changes.  All records are digitally signed, ensuring the audit log reports cannot be altered.  The system also supports automatic record locking and manual record locking, preventing records from being changed. References are available.

For over a year, we assisting with a Complex sports portal / web application for managing sports, venues, teams, referees, inventory, placement, penalties, scheduling and other features required by a city or league to manage the sport.  When we commenced, the originating technology had been converted from a legacy ACCESS application to a  web based product.  However, the client did not foresee the limitations of the conversion which resulted in over 1200 software issues.  Our task was to correct the issues.  This was a mid-size project (6 figures).  References available.

We created an Online Trading (bid/sell) management portal for the coal and energy sector.  We cannot disclose much other than this due to a strict NDA, other than it was a mid-size project (6 figures).