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Onsite POS installations – NCR, Aloha, RMS and others.  Campbell Software’s VP of POS has over 1000 POS installs while Gary has been involved with about 20.  There was a time when we pulled wire, setup and configured networks, now with wireless, installation is much so much easier.

Custom built hospitality back office system:

Campbell Software developed over 40 different POS systems interfaces which integrated most major cash register brands.  30 revenue centers per store were supported, each supporting up to 30 different inventory stock.  Batch processing was provided (for commissaries with tracking/distribution to franchise locations).

Perpetual Inventory, Just in time reordering with EDI electronic ordering to major vendors, Receiving with various handheld electronic devices were supported.  Also provided was Food and beverage recipe costing with yields, trim, waste factoring, unlimited conversion definitions (Case 24 100oz, 16-20 count per pound, etc.).

Theoretical sales mix costing and reporting was provided.  Daily server cash-outs, blind cash-outs and cashier cash-out systems automated and simplified shit based and end of day processes.

Projected labor cost scheduling was a key feature, enabling management to schedule staff, costed as per projected sales.  Staff management also included magnetic card sign-ins with early / late approvals and custom rounding rules.

Daily and to-date labor costing, end of day financials and many other features were provided.  The product was distributed in 7 countries, in 4 languages (English, French, Spanish and German).  This Custom Hospitality Back Office Software product was probably the most extensive restaurant management system created.