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Campbell Software has developed custom banking software for a major banking client to improve their Treasury Management system.  Ninety (90) people worked on the project for 14 months as the project was deployed across 17 different states.  The roll-out of the custom banking software solution was intense as laws and compliance rules differ between states.  Campbell Software was just one part of the software development team (18 developers).  This project required a tremendous amount of complex domain knowledge and banking software (stack) related skill sets.

A primary aspect of development was migrating code and data from mainframe systems.  Since mainframe numeric data representation differs (as does textual content), all of the data needed to be transposed to a PC format.  To reduce translation requirements, we implemented specialized hardware to convert the data.  Additionally, due to the legacy aspect of the data, date formats (of all historical transactions) had to be expanded (similar to the Y2K issue).  Security compliance was a concern due to the legacy of the original system, this was a sub-project on its own due to the age of the original treasury management system.  As well, we also provided a robust set of new reporting features, capable of grouping report data by sub-regions, regions, states and across all branches.  We cannot disclose additional details due to an NDA other than stating the technology effort was primarily a migration from COBOL to a .NET / Microsoft stack.