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Bill Bradley - Point of Sale Expert at Campbell Custom Software Development

Hospitality Point of Sale Expert

Bill Bradley has sold, installed and customized over 1000 POS systems.  Bill has extensive experience with NCR (Aloha POS) and Oracle (MICROS) point of sale systems.  Originally based in the Philadelphia area, his Point of Sale company provided all aspects of custom point of sale system.  Bill employed network infrastructure installers, point of sale system set-up configuration experts, hardware setups and installations and support staff.  Steve Passas  (now deceased) introduced Gary to Bill over 20 years ago when Gary was developing a COMTREX Point of Sale reporting system.

Bill is a private contractor to Campbell Software.  He is ALWAYS available to assist, from helping crafting a specific solution, working with clients and customizing solutions.  Campbell Software Point of Sale clients can reply upon Bill to look after immediate concerns.  Gary and Bill have worked closely together on custom point of sale development solutions.  For example, Gary and Bill designed a new bar-code scanning solutions in which the Point of Sale required custom bar-codes to identify a matrix of product specifications related to a single PLU.  The project also required networked bar-code printers which generated the custom bar-codes when inventory was received.

Bill and Gary have also implemented a custom liquor tracking system for the Hospitality industry.  The project included electronic ordering, automating government forms, just in time inventory, perpetual and actual use variance reports per bartender.

For custom integration work, POS data processing, report consolidation, bar-coding, batch file processing or other unique requirements, few people have the capability to understand the guts of a Point of Sales system to make POS tech work in a real world environment.

Bill has decades of experience delivering Retail and Hospitality Technology solutions that MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the financial and personal lives of the companies and people who use them.