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We developed a role based secure work force management Custom ERP solution, where data was collected from many different types of sources (proprietary and standard data formats) from contact centers across the globe.   Data collection processes supported including field office to head office data transfers, file based transfers, API service based data transfers and unattended automated service based ERP data transfers.

Our custom ERP software development experience includes developing flexible / configuration control panel applets which were then consumed to provide a custom user defined dashboard.  Data snapshots were supported, where live data was frozen in time allowing deeper analysis.  We also provided in-depth reporting and charting via SSRS.  Analytical reports provided deep analysis of service levels, quality of service and other key performance indicators (KPI’s).

State Wide Energy Utility Grid Project – One of our key people at Campbell Software has a PHD and a Masters degree in two energy systems related fields.  As such, we are a suitable match for city, state and country based hydro projects.  One of our state based Hydro projects required custom ERP software to provide real time data collection, reporting and analysis of SCADA data feeders, generating live alerts of theft, bypasses, outages, load triggers other parameters.  Custom ERP software management modules were also required.  These modules included performance analysis of field teams, feeder scheduling, tiered level shutdown process due to electrical shortage and demand forecasting.  This was a very large project (8 figures).