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Campbell Custom Software Development has development custom reservation systems software for hotels and motels.  Across the hotel and motel industry, different custom systems are proprietary and unique.  While each Custom Reservation System is unique, the data is similar.  Campbell Software identified the common and uncommon aspects and provided API integrations which encapsulate variable queries.  We also provided a plug in service for discovery, enabling disparate systems to hook-into major branded search platforms.  For example,  we provided optional definitions to display results for handicap rooms, or display only results with rooms that had a roll in shower.  Each property could define specifics that far exceed general reservation requirements.

Campbell Custom Software Development has also developed a maid services module which schedules, tracks and anticipates maid services required.  This module has saved motels and hotels hundreds of thousands of dollars.  As well, main services employees are happier as they are not called in at when they were not expected to work.  Additionally, maid services can be rated by customers, enabling hard working employees to be recognized for their extra ordinary efforts.

We have also developed web based service extensions providing web discovery interfaces and enumerable services related to online reservation bookings, pricing, inventory, features and amenities.

We have also developed a custom feedback systems where comments are provided to management.  In each room, and on start-up of each TV, the user could be guided to submit their comments to the property manager.  Over 6 million comments are provided to management each year using this “add-on” that any motel or hotel can use without incurring any cost what-so-ever.  Also, positive comments which are reviewed and approved by a manager can automatically be posted to major accommodation review systems.