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Cole Thompson - Network Expert at Campbell Custom Software Development

Certified Network and Hosting Expert

Cole has extensive knowledge of hardware systems, networks, security and cloud based solutions.  He is an expert with Window server configurations and VM’s.  He is an authorized partner and certified with Microsoft, IBM, CISCO and HP.

Gary and Cole have been working together for 8+ years.  Cole manages Campbell Software’s network, servers and services and works closely with Gary when assessing client hosting needs for dedicated servers, managed hosting and cloud computing services.  From water cooling, bio-metric based security access, BGP routing (4 1GB back-bones), 6 layers of security, commercial IBM and CISCO hardware, fast SSD 3TB storage, UPS and Diesel backup power, with Microsoft DPM, hard-drive, tape and secondary offsite backups, Cole’s services and expertise hosting hundreds of servers for tens of thousands of clients pushes Campbell Custom Software Development in a league of their own.

Cole is a guy who Gary can call at 2 am on the weekend.  For one client, when GoDaddy was experiencing a DNS attack, millions of websites went offline for days.  Within 30 minutes of our system notifying us of the outage, Cole was able to establish an internally hosted secondary DNS over-ride, even though GoDaddy was down.  The net result was that an accredited college, with 600 daily online users were able to use a custom LMS online product as if the attack never occurred.  For millions of other websites and their users, they were down for days.