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Campbell Software developed a custom Web Analytics tool to capture and study website behavior.  Client side mouse movements and mouse clicks, ENTER key, navigation keys (home, end, page up, page down) and key combinations were captured for each website element.  Activity flow (from to paths) and data was totaled per user, per page, per element, with low, high, means and averages, group by screen sizes.  Custom Analytics software development reporting exposed the variances of how usage expectations differed from real world usage.  In many cases, the Analytics tool identified where people had difficulties performing certain tasks, where people had challenges finding certain options and functionalities that were hardly ever used.  Personal user information was not collected, adhering to common use privacy policies.  The technology was designed to be a plug-in, meaning that with just a few web page includes, client side Analytics could easily be implemented on any website.  We also developed the server side reporting system which could be (or not) accessible via a site portal (logon authentication required).

We also created a custom mobility application metrics capture and logging product, similar to the concept above, but for mobility (iOS and Android devices).  The project was developed for a commercial 3rd party analytics tool company.  The custom analytics software solution included a web services API, providing a deep analysis of user metrics to measure interactivity, features used, features NOT used, user flow, application usage time totals and more.